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By | July 8, 2020
Exhibit A: a high-value man going after what he wants

Though I follow a good handful of daygame blogs, I believe I’ve only read the memoirs of Tom Torero Black Sheep Bandit (BSB). I first came across BSB when he did a talk discussing approaches in coffee shops as part of the Daygame Blueprint hosted by Yad and Yosha. Soon after the Blueprint, the model was refined and distilled into the more direct London Daygame Model. From what I can gather, the LDM came into existence around 2014. Torero and Krauser wrote a short e-book and produced a video that outlined the model. It was a fantastic product. After they fell out, they pulled the e-book though the video remains on YouTube.1

I read BSB’s first memoir years ago, back in 2016. It was an eye-opener. It taught me that a world of abundance awaits me, but it wasn’t enough for me to shake off my anxiety at the thought of actually approaching. Fast-forward to the summer of 2019 and I find myself on the streets consistently opening sets. Over the last year, I’ve done more than 400 approaches limited only by the coronavirus lockdowns. Given the dearth of pretty pedestrians roaming the streets these days, I hunkered down for some reading and picked up Thomas Crown’s memoir.

The name Thomas Crown initially appeared before me when Krauser promoted his book in 2018, but I had yet to approach and only followed Krauser and BSB up to that point. His name popped back up on my radar a few months ago when he published an article on the importance of toning down your sets. As I had about 300 approaches underneath my belt at this point, I was able to relate and draw value from his writing. Thus I added yet another daygame blog to my list of sites to follow. A month or so of reading his posts was enough to convince me to pick up his book.

It’s an interesting thing to read about a player’s journey after you’ve crossed the threshold. Crown lays out his first 1.5 years of daygame, written as a serious of lay reports interspersed with his thoughts in between chapters. It was a clever way of telling a story while imposing a narrative that would be seemingly chaotic otherwise. As someone who is 1 year into his own journey, I want to share some of the highlights that I encountered while reading his book. Let’s start with his outlook on social relationships.

I’m not a naturally sociable guy because I don’t like small talk…With girls, I want to know a bit more about them because it moves the seduction forward.

p. 32

I’m an ISTJ, or a deeply analytical introvert. I was able to immediately relate to the passage above. When I first read The Game I was excited to learn that seduction is a skill set; it’s something guys can get better at with practice. But I hated the idea of going out to bars where you have to deal with group dynamics, loud and crowded venues, short attention spans and artificially high energy. Two or three years following The Game, I read Magic Bullet by Love Systems which had a chapter dedicated to daygame. As soon as I came across that material, I knew the discomfort of approaching a girl in the middle of the day was far more desirable to me than going out to a bar to run sets. It only took me six years to followed through!2

As I read on, I found myself relating more and more with the author. At one point he writes how realized with pick up “you’re providing a service to eachother” and later reflects on how tough he was on himself after daygame sessions as he dwelled upon all the things he could have done to have run better game. The man is relentlessly harsh against himself. These are all thoughts and experiences I’m facing in my own journey. And it doesn’t seem to end:

I felt ashamed for not making her cum properly…This is one of the major mindset changes that I was to have over the year, which was accelerated by reading Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand.

p. 56

I read Atlas Shrugged back in ’08, before I could truly appreciate it. I need to give it another read sometime, though I still remember the gist of it. Crown’s book isn’t simply a self-indulgent laundry list of lays3, it goes beyond that to elucidate how he changed as a person, as a man. He embraced the toxic masculinity of game as it turned him into a better leader and seducer, and allowed him to bring greater pleasures to his girls. And for those of you who just want a good love story, there’s a bit of that in here, too.

Here’s one more quote, of many, that struck out me.

Another problem that I’d diagnosed was that even after I knew that a girl was interested, I’d unofficially banned myself from asking questions. I’d almost told myself that asking questions was bad behaviour, whereas in truth, it’s fine.

p. 164

How many daygamers out there have started with this rule? I think I first heard it in the Daygame Blueprint. And I believe Torero BSB is a heavy promoter of this idea to his students–though he does say that at the intermediate/advanced stage you stop following the model as though it were scripture. I, too, imposed this restriction upon myself only to realize how unnatural it is. Absolute beginners ask too many, and too friendly, questions. That’s a problem. But there’s nothing inherently wrong about asking questions early in the interaction. Polarity and frame are far more important (though I know that’s meaningless for a daygamer in his very early stages).

There are plenty of specific game tips in here as well. I’ve already stolen one of his teases and a line to simplify my logistics, but you you’ll have to drop 18 squids4 to buy his book to get it. Breezy can’t go around giving away someone else’s shit for free!

I want to go sideways5 for a moment and remark upon Crown’s recent barrage of posts on SMV. In one of those posts, he wrote something along the lines of “high SMV men help other men.” I mulled that thought over a bit then went to make a comment on his blog about it but couldn’t find the relevant words anywhere. I DM’ed him to help me find this line, and it turns out he wrote “nothing of the sort!”6

I think this was a case of me seeing what I wanted to see. I wanted to see that high-value men help other men. I wanted to see it written because, I’ve received a ton of mentorship and guidance from these sorts of men in the short year I’ve been in this. I’ve reached out to guys for help, and some have even reached out to me. Maybe because I blog. I’ve asked some of them “why? Why are you being generous with your time?” I haven’t really gotten a consistent answer yet, despite constantly finding that high-value men are willing to help me. I believe it’s because of my honesty and work ethic. Regardless, it’s something I’ve noticed that Crown did as well.7

If you found this blog post insightful, imagine for a moment that it were 100x so. That’s what you’ll get by reading through the details of Thomas Crown’s numerous affairs. In case you missed it, here’s the link.

  1. A thank you to Midwest for the YouTube link.
  2. If patience is a virtue, I’m a certified saint.
  3. Though I would have no objections if it did!
  4. For my American readers, a squid is British-speak for dollar. I know, it’s absolutely mad! I did the research to confirm. One pound, or lb as we write, came from the sterling which was used to denote a pound of silver. I can only imagine that at one period in time, a pound of silver had the same purchasing power as a pound of squid. Prove me wrong.
  5. “Sideways” is a beautiful technique to employ when faced with a double-bind. The double-bind is further explained in Practical Female Psychology. Though I am not using the term in such a way here, I love this concept so much I want help popularize it.
  6. Fake news. I know you’ve hidden it away somewhere.
  7. One of us is a liar!

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